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Monitor almost anything – from anywhere

Monitor your entire IT infrastructure from a single-pane-of-glass and create custom alerts based on system performance. The Paradise platform monitors:

  • Windows and Mac workstations and laptops

  • Windows servers

  • Cloud infrastructure

  • Network devices, including printers, firewalls, routers, and switches

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Get in-depth critical insights into endpoint performance

Our low-footprint agent runs across Windows and Mac endpoints using native platform data acquisition techniques. You can monitor a host of information, including:

  • Processors

  • Running processes

  • Disk and volume information and usage

  • Memory

  • Network adapters and utilization

  • Public and private IP address

  • Software and hardware inventory

  • Services

  • User logs

  • Event logs

  • Microsoft Security Center status

  • Windows product key

  • Device serial number

  • and many more!

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Get Monitoring Data In Real-Time, Before Your Users Come To You With Questions

Our monitoring and alerting capabilities include:

  • Performance thresholds (i.e. CPU usage, hard disk usage, etc)

  • Windows Services (i.e. print spooler is down)

  • Templates for Exchange, SQL Server

  • Low footprint agent

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OS Patching for Windows and Mac devices

Whether you have 50 endpoints or 5000, Monitor and Manage enables you to automate your patch management actives with granular control over when and how endpoints are patched. With Paradise, you get:

  • Windows and MacOS operating system patching

  • Patch automation

  • Windows driver and feature updates

  • Granular control of patch schedules, approvals, overrides, and reboot options

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Take control with a single click

Our remote control solutions enable you to take control of attended or unattended endpoints with a single click and is available out of the box with virtually no setup. With TeamViewer your connection will be fast, secure, and stable so you can complete tasks faster.

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Give remote workers fast and secure access to on-premises IT assets

With Paradise you can provide end-users with remote access to their on-premises workstations and networks from anywhere – without compromising security. Granular permissions and action logs ensure only users with correct permissions access their assigned endpoints and IT can audit device access. With Remote Access built in use our granular security roles to define how users can interact with your machines.

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Teamviewer offers an all-in-one solution for secure remote access and support. Paradise's single pane of glass Teamviewer integration enables:

  • One-click remote access

  • Windows and mac support

  • Cross-platform support (connect from desktop app, browser, or mobile app)

  • End-user sharing

  • File transfers

  • User chat

  • Remote audio/video

  • Session recording

  • Detailed connection reports

  • End-user connection permissions

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All the reports you need to manage your endpoints

Reporting is a critical aspect of IT management – whether to customers, business users, or to your own team. Paradise enables you to create detailed reports exactly how you need them with a simple yet powerful report builder tool. Report modules include:

  • Infrastructure health

  • Asset and hardware inventory

  • License keys

  • Alerts and active issues reports

  • Scripts

  • Remote access reports

  • Antivirus activity and compliance

  • Network health and performance

  • Device addition / removal reports

  • Patch status and compliance

  • Software inventory and changes

  • Windows events

  • Management notes

  • Task history

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Automatically deploy and configure antivirus across endpoints

Paradise allows you to automatically install antivirus across your endpoints with granular controls over which devices, organizations, and groups receive protection. Paradise can identify which endpoints do not have antivirus and install it — even if the end user removes it.

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Monitor your Mac computers in real-time

Our low-footprint agent uses native data acquisition techniques to collect in-depth device health and productivity data from your Mac computers, including:

  • Processors

  • Disk and volume information and usage

  • Memory

  • Network adapters and utilization

  • Public and private IP address

  • Daemons

  • Processes

  • Services

  • User logs

  • Event logs

  • Device serial number

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Managed Service Desk

  • 24x7x365 US based IT support

  • Continuous monitoring to keep your organization up and running and protected

  • Benefit from a wide array of IT expertise and mature knowledge base

  • Free up your internal personnel to focus on strategic initiatives

  • Increase your end-user satisfaction and overall productivity

  • Direct access for end users to submit tickets and receive support

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